Mohamed Abdel Shakour Lectures

Mohamed Abdel-Shakour is an assistant professor of architecture at Galala University, principal architect, designer, and senior airports engineer.

Mohamed is a data scientist who is interested in Data Science, Machine Learning (ML), and its subset Deep Learning (DL) as well as Computer Vision and the core concepts of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its advanced applications in architecture. 

Most recently, Mohamed is working on several exciting pieces of research and projects that involve the deployment of advanced AI techniques and its implementations in architectural design.

Fields of expertise

Mohamed can define his main areas of expertise as the following including additional expertise in various supporting fields utilizing a T-shaped skill set.

Assistant Professor of Architecture, Galala University, Egypt

Ph.D. February 2020

“A New Framework for Airport Terminal Design Flexibility”
Developing mathematical models to quantify uncertainty in airport design & planning.

M.Sc. October 2015

“Assessing Future Expansions of Terminal Buildings in International Airports in Egypt”

Machine Learning Engineer

A certified machine learning engineer willing to explore untapped potential of ML applications in architecture.

Principal Architect

2011- Present

Leading design and technical teams with responsibilities include planning, preparing designs & coordination in a pioneer consultancy firm in Egypt.